About Us

DOG IN THE WOODS pet products are hand made in the foothills of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. All our products are made with care. We search near and far, from California to Texas to New York, to find the most durable American-made materials to create our innovative utilitarian designs. We strive each day to offer a line of hand-made reflective vests, leashes, etc., as well as toys that protect the safety of your pet and support your enjoyment of your best friend.

At DOG IN THE WOODS, our goal is to put American workers to work and to use quality American materials for our line of pet products. DOG IN THE WOODS is a collaborative effort, with a team of designers, craftsmen and women, marketers, accountants--all of whom are experts in their fields, and our friends. .



DOG IN THE WOODS started in 2008 years ago while walking our Leonberger puppy in the woods surrounding our Virginia home. There are cars and bikes near the house. In the nearby woods, there are many deer, hunters and other dogs. So it’s important that she wear bright protective reflective gear.  But, her thick, long mane made using a blaze collar or a standard vest clumsy and unreasonable and we doubted she was safe as we moved through the thicket of trees and brush.

After a long and futile search for the right outdoor gear, I set about to design my own safety collars and vests.  Many friends tried our designs with their pets, from champion show dogs to pound pups, large and small, and reported complete satisfaction with DOG IN THE WOODS reflective collars and vests. Our patented unique, simple design provides the ease, visibility and safety your want for your pet.