Sizing Chart



         * The long sizes are cut 2” longer than the size indicated.


When choosing the correct size for your Dog in the Woods Vest, keep in mind, that pets of the same breed may differ in size based on weight, age, stature or mix of breeds.   For dogs with a short heavy neck or big chest, the “long” sizes add 2 extra inches of fabric circumference but have the same width as the primary size.


DW Vests are individually sewn in our workroom in Virginia using the sewing machines that were used when the USA was a manufacturing giant. The , grommets and snaps in our products are reinforcement and individually hand set. The DW Vest is made from USA made 1.9 oz silicon impregnated ripstop nylon or from an ANSI rated blaze orange 250 denier nylon, also US made, both are tear resistant and water repellant. The reflective is 3M brand made up for DW in Texas. It is the best reflective we have found. We use the best USA made materials whenever possible.

Most dogs tolerate the Vest because it is like a collar, but we suggest introducing it with treats and opening the hook and loop closure for the first fitting. Make size adjustment with the cord lock. The Vest is set. It can now be put on or taken off by slipping it over your dog’s head. To clean, rinse and air dry as the reflective does not do well in a dryer. The hook and loop/snap closure is designed to release your dog from the DW Vest if she/he becomes entangled in brush, fencing or another animal and not “hung” up. Never leave your pet unattended and do not use the vest around a campfire or open flame as they are made of nylon and are not fire resistant. 

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A few example of breed with average neck size and weight:

Australian shepherd 16-22”; 35-75 lbs

Beagle 12-18”; 18-30 lbs

Border Collie 14-18; 30-45 lbs

Boxer 16-22”; 55-75 lbs

Collie 18-22”; 50-75 lbs

English bulldog 18-24” 40-55 lbs

Dalmatian 14-20” 45-65 lbs

Fox terrier 10-16”; 14-18 lbs

Golden Retriever 16-24”; 55-75 lbs

Great Pyrenees 24-30”; 90-125 lbs

Jack Russell terrier 10-14”; 9-14 lbs

Labrador 18-24”; 55-75 lbs

Pit Bull 14-18”; 30-70 lbs

Standard Poodle 12-18; 45-70 lbs

Pug 12-16; 14-18 lbs

Rottweiler 24-30”; 100-120 lbs

Siberian Husky 16-22”; 40-55 lbs

Our new Doodle size is smaller around but wider to fit the Doodle's longer neck.  It's also good for hounds.